Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Wedding Map

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I have Wedding Gown na!!!

Finally bought my Wedding Gown yesterday in Divi. Ready to Wear na coz I'm scared what and how it will turn out pag pasadya in Divi. Bought it only for 3,700php!!! Yey! What a steal! Can;t post pics here, at baka macheck pa ni H2B hehe!

BTW, if you guys are wondering. I'm not gonna use my Ninang's Filipiniana Gown na.. why? I just think it's not right for me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Color Motif-FINALLY!

Have been having a hard time picking out our color motif. At first it was purple, but since everyone else's wedding this year has prple as motif, ayaw na namin.
We then opted for Gold and White, but after some thinking, di ko na gusto coz I don't think I would like a gold gown for my ento.
I thought Brown and Gold, but too boring for my tastes.
Then i thought what if Green, white, and brown..ayaw ni h2b. and I was having 2nd thought pa rin coz looks too nature-loving.

So finally, I've decided on PINK and BROWN! :) or should I say BROWN and PINK!!! kasi I don't want the ribbons on the chairs to be pink. siguro accents lang yung pink, like for flowers, etc. pero ento gowns and ribbons on chairs will be brown (dark brown) and maybe with little touches of ink (light pink), not sure pa :)

I'm thinking pink candies and chocolates for giveaways??? Haha!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

4 Months to go!!!!

Time flies so fast! Can't believe it's only 4 months away!!!

I think I regressed in my updates. I no longer have a gown (turns out I didn't feel the filipiniana thing so much, the gown is too conservative for my tastes haha), so I might just go to Divi and look for an affordable gown. We'll see, if meron na okay naman.

And so.. I also no longer have a theme! I can have Filipiniana theme pa rin but I wanted my bridesmaids gowns to have color naman.. but I don't know what.

I kinda fell in love with my cater's White and gold Filipiniana theme, but don't want my ento gowns to be gold. What to do, What to do? Haaay.

BTW, Booked Photo/Vid already! Got Ritchie Pinggol :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

stick to one MOH

6 months to go! :)
Time flies so fast

So far we just booked church, and cater (cater comes with free venue and cake and lights though)
I hope we get to book our Photographer on Friday! (I already set an appointment) :)
Oh and I have a gown na pala, but needs refitting :)

I've been having problems with the entourage. I said I'm having 2 maid of honors right.. turns out I don't think I want that, and others dont want it as well. maybe I just need one. I can't chose between the two that I had in mind, so I might assign it to someone else, someone more appropriate, a relative.:) Will ask Manny to see the list first before announcing it to them :)

Well, that's it for now. get back to you on friday :)

Monday, December 29, 2008

The gown is here!

The wedding gown came a few days ago! :)

.. and I tried it on! Hahaha!

Well, I had to cause it was my Ninang's from way back so I had to check if it fits me and visualize how to alter it or something.

It's so Filipiniana. I love it! :)

It's a bit big for me so really have to make it pa alter and also buy/pagawa a new veil cause the one that went with it was cut by my Ninang on the day of her wedding back in the 90's.

and I dunno what shoes I'm gonna wear. and accessories! Haha I'm excited, can you tell?

999 -lucky?

Well, a few people said that our 9.9.9 date might be unlucky. Didn't matter to me that much anyway cause we didn't chose the date for luck or whatever, the date just means a lot to both of us. So unlucky or not, we would still stick to 09.09.09

and then today...
I came across an article about lucky weddings in 2009 in Kasal.com..
and turns out 09.09.09 is a lucky day to get married :)

cool! :)

BTW, I'm really excited for the year 2009 already! a few more days to go!